About AIM

AIM is a leading global distributor, manufacturer and one-stop solution provider of high quality electro-mechanical components. We are AS9120:2009, ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22301 certified and have also been awarded into the top SME1000 list. We are focused on delivering the highest quality products and value-added services that meet, or better yet exceed, our customers’ expectations.

Need help with product sourcing? Tap into our network of worldwide suppliers and approved vendors for turnkey products, or custom manufacture parts to your specifications and requirements. You will enjoy direct access to quality worldwide manufacturers, stringent quality control processes, improved supply chain visibility and most importantly cost savings.

With our inventory management expertise, AIM can help to maintain just the right level of stock in your warehouse, so that you won’t ever overstock, or run out. Cash, labor and space tied up to manage excess stock can now be put to better use to maximize your returns on investment.

No matter how large or complex your supply need is, we are confident that we can deliver initial and ongoing value by combining supply chain innovation and industry-best experience into solutions that generate time and cost savings for our customers.

QUALITY POLICY: Good Quality, Prompt Service, Prompt delivery,Continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System Complying with all customer contractual and relevant legal requirements.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: Protect the environment by setting measurable objectives; Conserve natural resources and minimize waste; Prevent pollution through REUSE, RECYCLING and REDUCTION; Complying with all relevant legal requirements and other environmental requirements; Communicate and distribute to all vendors regarding of legal requirements and other environmental requirements;Minimize or eliminate the use of hazardous and ozone depleting substances where practicable

OHSAS POLICY: Our OHS Policy, which defines our commitment to OHS and directs conformance to the OHS. To achieve this, we shall: a.Minimize OHS hazards and risks related to its activities; b.Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and practices governing OHS; c.Establish and review OHS objectives and targets for continual improvements and prevention of accidents/incidents.; d.Promote awareness amongst employees, suppliers and contractors through education, training and publicity program on OHS.

TRADE POLICY: All Industrial Manufacturing Manufacturing Pte Ltd is committed to comply with all applicable import, export and trade compliance law regulated under the Singapore Trade Compliance Regulations.

SECURITY POLICY: The commitment that all security measures and procedures are regularly inspected, verified and validated to ensure high levels of security standards via Risk Assessment methodology; To ensure the knowledge and integrity of those involved in security matters is tightly controlled through establishment and implementation of training, recruitment and contractual procedures; The commitment that all security related incidents are reported and recorded with necessary corrective actions taken to improve the security standards; To ensure security training is made available to all staff.