Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in the work we do and in the results we deliver. As such, we take our quality assurance approach very seriously.

AIM adopts a basic philosophy – every AIM employee has a responsibility for maintaining the high quality of products that we deliver to customers. Extensive use of total quality methods, by AIM and our suppliers, contributes directly to meeting these impeccable standards.

AIM’s Quality Assurance team regularly visits suppliers’ plants to assure that manufacturing procedures are being followed and that the raw materials used meet our customers’ rigid specifications.

Our team provides quality assurance services for every batch of products that is received so issues are identified and resolved early. Before products are unloaded into our warehouses, they are carefully checked, making sure they are within specifications.

Quality control measures do not stop there. Before orders leave our warehouses, every product is repackaged to meet the preferences of customers, then visually inspected for accuracy and for any deterioration. Packaging is carefully chosen to adequately protect products during handling, transit and storage while clear labels are affixed to help to identify the product.

AIM uses numerous techniques to continually assess the reliability of our quality systems. Since AIM strongly believes that quality must be an essential part of the products we sell, each employee has a responsibility for maintaining quality.