Sales Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. ACCEPTANCE. All quotations are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated. Notwithstanding any terms or conditions which may appear on the Customer’s Order, AIM’s products are offered for sale only on the terms and conditions contained herein. Acceptance of Customer’s Order is made only on the expressed understanding and condition that insofar as the terms and conditions of this acceptance, quotation or acknowledgement conflict with any terms and conditions of Customer’s order, the terms and conditions of this document shall govern irrespective of whether the Customer accepts these conditions by a written acknowledgement, by implication or acceptance and payment of goods hereunder. AIM’s failure to object to provisions contained in any communications from Customer shall not be deemed a waiver of the provisions of this document.
  2. TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY. Free delivery is available for Customers located in Singapore. For international Customers, unless otherwise specified, delivery will be made Ex Works AIM Singapore; title and risk of loss shall pass to Customer at the point. It is the Customer’s responsibility to specify the exact method of shipment.
  3. SPECIFICATIONS. . All drawings, plans, specifications, additions and change orders must be furnished in writing by Customer and subject to acceptance by AIM.
  4. PAYMENT TERMS. Unless specified otherwise, all Orders require Payment in Advance or Cash on Delivery. For Customers granted credit terms, interest of 1% per month on billings will be charged on all past due accounts until paid. All expenses of collection shall be paid by Customer, including reasonable legal fees. AIM reserves the right of declining to make deliveries whenever doubt as to the Customer’s financial responsibility develops, and shall not, in such event be liable for non-performance of contract in whole or in part.
  5. WARRANTY AND LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY. . AIM agrees to either, at its option, issue a credit, or repair or replace products which have been found defective due to workmanship or material. This warranty shall expire one (1) month from date of shipment by AIM unless otherwise specified in other written communications from AIM. Customer must contact AIM requesting a formal Return Material Authorization (RMA). AIM will not accept any material returns without reference to the RMA number on the Customer’s returned goods packing list. No allowances shall be made to Customer for any transportation, duties, brokerage fees, labour costs or parts adjustments or repairs, or any other work, unless said charges are authorized in writing, in advance, by AIM. The warranty shall not extend to any Goods which have been installed, used, serviced or stored, other than in conformity with applicable specifications, manuals, bulletins or instructions, or, if none, shall have been subjected to improper installation, misuse or neglect. AIM’s LIABILITY SHALL NOT EXCEED THE PRICE ON THE ORDER FOR THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. AIM SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR FOR LOSS OF PROFIT.
  6. ORDER CHANGES. Customer shall have the right, by giving written notice to AIM, to make changes in the product quantity, drawings, designs or specifications. Upon receipt and acceptance of any such notification, AIM shall inform Customer as promptly as possible changes in price of, or the time required for performance of, the order and an equitable adjustment shall be made in the contract price or delivery schedule, or both, prior to incorporating said changes into the ordered products.
  7. CANCELLATION. Orders are not subject to cancellation, complete or partial, without AIM’s written consent. Any reduction in quantities ordered shall constitute a partial cancellation subject to this clause.
  8. PARTIAL SHIPMENTS. AIM reserves the right to make and to invoice for partial shipments of ordered products.
  9. FORCE MAJEURE. AIM shall have no liability whatsoever, nor shall this order be subject to cancellation for delays and delivery due to acts of God, civil or military riot or commotion, strikes, labour disturbance, vandalism, fire, war, insurrection, transportation, weather, government orders and directions, default of supplier or subcontractor or due to any other cause beyond AIM’s control. In such an event or events causing delay for such cause, the specified delivery date shall be extended for a reasonable length of time, but not less than the period of delay.
  10. DISPUTE RESOLUTION. Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Order shall be settled by binding arbitration before the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, with mandatory venue in Singapore. The parties hereby knowingly and voluntarily, and having had an opportunity to consult with counsel, waive all rights to trial by jury.